Comtex Launches Cutting-Edge News API Platform Omnia Leveraging NLP and AI

Comtex News Network, Inc (Comtex), a leading provider of news aggregation and distribution services to top firms in financial services, news publishing, syndication, and analytics, has proudly announced the launch of its innovative API platform, Omnia. Omnia is a state-of-the-art API platform designed to revolutionize the way businesses access and utilize news content.

Omnia empowers users with instant access to real-time streaming news, AI-generated article summaries, enhanced tagging and categorization based on NLP, advanced filtering, and access to an extensive catalog of curated news sources. Key features of Omnia include real-time streaming news, enhanced tagging and categorization, AI-generated article summaries, and advanced filtering capabilities.

Commenting on the launch, Comtex CEO Kan Devnani said, ‘We are pleased to bring a flexible, state-of-the-art news platform with access to curated, premium news sources to market. Omnia is an extendable platform, combining AI with our rich experience applying NLP to news content. This will allow clients to derive more intelligence and insights from the news content we offer and help clients curate and identify the content most relevant to them. Comtex will use Omnia to deliver evolving analytics and insight to its users.’

Omnia is designed for rapid integration and serves a variety of use cases, including training of LLMs, financial platforms, asset management, trading, academic research, legal research, and market research. Users can trial access to Omnia by visiting To learn more about Omnia and request a demo, interested parties can contact or visit

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