Global Publishing Giant Partners with Blockchain Firm to Secure 10M Gigabytes of Data

In a significant move towards embracing the power of blockchain technology, global publishing giant Contentra Technologies has partnered with Serenity Shield, a multi-chain company delivering secure data storage and digital inheritance solutions. The two companies have announced a three-year agreement that is set to cement the crucial role of decentralized solutions in the future of data storage.

The deal signifies a major step forward in the recognition and application of blockchain technology’s real-world utility, with Contentra set to store 10 petabytes (10 million gigabytes) of digital data on Serenity Shield’s decentralized data storage solution. An initial implementation of 1 petabyte (1 million GB) aims to be achieved within four months, paving the way for Contentra to offer private and secured decentralized data storage solutions to its existing clients during operational expansion.

Shiva Saikia, Co-Founder and Director of Contentra Technologies, expressed the company’s enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, ‘Our partnership with Serenity Shield represents a strategic move towards offering cutting-edge blockchain-based data storage solutions to our global clientele. This agreement underscores our commitment to innovation and delivering high-quality services.’

Venket Naga, CEO of Serenity Shield, echoed the sentiment, saying, ‘We are thrilled to enter into this transformative agreement with Contentra Technologies. This collaboration not only marks a significant milestone for Serenity Shield but also showcases the real-world application and utility of decentralized blockchain data storage solutions.’

The partnership between Contentra Technologies and Serenity Shield is a significant development in the adoption of blockchain technology in the publishing and data storage industries. By leveraging the power of decentralized solutions, the two companies aim to redefine the standards of data security and accessibility, ultimately driving greater value and trust for their clients.


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