BIMQuote Appoints New President to Bring Cost Savings to Homebuilders

BIMQuote, a leading provider of construction technology solutions, has announced the appointment of Ken Trent as its new President. Trent’s background in construction administration and his proven track record of success in cost savings and process improvements make him well-suited to lead BIMQuote’s efforts to deliver cost-saving solutions to homebuilders across the country.

Trent, who previously served as the Chief of Growth at Builders Capital, the #1 Private Construction Lender Nationwide, has a wealth of experience in eCommerce and digital technology solutions for products and services. At Builders Capital, he implemented strategic initiatives that enhanced the borrower experience by developing online portals where customers could have 24/7 access to their draws and loan details.

‘Ken is results-driven with a strong focus on the customer experience,’ said Travis Dodge, BIMQuote Founder. ‘His vision and initiative will help private homebuilders gain greater awareness of this revolutionary software and drive home the value that BIMQuote delivers access to the same national buying power that production builders are accustomed to.’

Trent’s transition to BIMQuote is a natural fit, as his background in construction has equipped him with a strong foundation in project management and a keen eye for detail. These skills, combined with his experience in digital technology solutions, provide a unique perspective that he believes will be invaluable in the adoption of BIMQuote to homebuilders nationwide.

‘I am thrilled to be part of this innovative team and look forward to contributing to the company’s continued success,’ Trent said. ‘My goal is to help homebuilders realize the cost savings and operational efficiencies that BIMQuote’s technology can provide, ultimately enabling them to operate more competitively and profitably in their business.’

BIMQuote is currently being offered to Builders Capital borrowers, who can utilize the software to order localized building materials at discounted prices. The cost savings are based on BIMQuote’s national relationships with hundreds of material providers, covering everything from wood framing to windows, roofing, and appliances.


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