Mosaicist Inc. Sponsors Lunar Art Installation by Miami Artist LCamero

Mosaicist Inc., a renowned mosaic design company, has proudly contributed to the realization of Miami artist LCamero’s ‘The Blue Dress’ art installation at the Space Blue Lunaprise Launch Gala, held at the Kennedy Space Center. This sponsorship not only illuminated LCamero’s innovative spirit but also marked her as one of the distinct 222 artists featured in the Lunaprise Museum project, which is part of humanity’s momentous return to the moon after 52 years.

The ethereal art installation, a harmonious blend of artistry and cosmic vision, became a beacon of timeless beauty and innovative design. Featuring cascading white drapery and high-end custom mosaic tiles from Mosaicist’s Murano Series, ‘The Blue Dress’ installation captivated the audience with a captivating video projection of Mia Davalos donning the dress on the runway. This digital representation of the dress will now be immortalized on the lunar surface, mirroring its physical counterpart on Earth.

This remarkable achievement is reminiscent of the Tarkhan Dress, discovered in 1913 and considered the world’s oldest known woven garment, dating back 5000 years. Similarly, ‘The Blue Dress’ sets a new standard in the archives of fashion history, not just for its innovative design but also for its unprecedented journey from Earth to the moon. Thanks to the pioneering efforts of Lunaprise and Galactic Legacy Labs, and the artistic vision embodied by LCamero, this fashion-inspired art installation transcends traditional boundaries of time and space.

Mosaicist Inc.’s partnership with LCamero began well before this cosmic achievement. In April 2023, the company first sponsored her at the ‘Unveiling the Future: A Fashion & Art Experience’ event during Miami Tech Month, showcasing their shared appreciation for the intersection of art, technology, and fashion. Now, Mosaicist Inc. and LCamero are deepening their collaborative bond, focusing on an upcoming capsule clothing collection that seamlessly weaves Mosaicist’s exquisite mosaic designs into the fabric of the garments.

‘Mosaicist Inc. is thrilled to have supported LCamero and House of Fashion in achieving this incredible milestone. We have been privileged to witness Lisa Camero’s artistic journey from the beginning, and her inclusion in the Lunaprise Moon Museum project is an outstanding achievement,’ shared Ray Corral, Founder of Mosaicist Inc. ‘Lisa’s boundless creativity and innovative approach to blending fashion, art, and technology is truly inspiring.’


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