Baked Beans Launches Gamified Passive Income Miner on Solana

Baked Beans, a new Solana-based project, has launched the first-ever gamified passive income miner on the Solana blockchain. The project, which aims to reimagine the original BNBMiner smart contract, boasts innovative features and high-security standards, offering one of the highest and most sustainable daily APRs in the crypto industry.

The Baked Beans project outlines its economic model, which prioritizes sustainability, using a simple motto: ‘Bake. Re-bake. Eat.’ Baking means depositing Solana into the Baked Beans dApp, becoming TVL-locked, and receiving Baked Beans tokens in return. The system uses token buy-backs and burns funded by miner fees to reduce token supply while potentially enhancing its value and long-term viability.

Another cornerstone feature of Baked Beans is its community-centered creed. The project proposes a democratic model enabling the community to vote on all major decisions regarding its development, ensuring community engagement and fostering loyalty and ownership among participants. Users can also gain up to a 5.6% bonus on deposits made through their referral links as part of the Baked Beans referral program.

The Baked Beans Token, which fuels the ecosystem, is essential for purchasing upgrades, participating in governance, and enhancing the ecosystem’s functionality. The project’s gamified passive income model is sustained by the Baked Beans Store, a unique upgrade facility selling cosmetic options that increase yields, including Buffs, Gems, and Abilities.

Baked Beans emphasizes its commitment to providing maximum user safety, with rigorous security assessments and audits by top firms chosen by the community. The Baked Beans Miner has already obtained a security analysis report from Titan.

The Baked Beans token presale will start on April 20th on Pinksale. Follow the project’s development and latest updates by visiting the Baked Beans website or connecting with them on social media.


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