Nodle Launches on zkSync to Bring Fastest Growing DePIN to Ethereum

Nodle, one of the largest DePINs and a long-standing force in blockchain innovation, is launching on zkSync Era, a cutting-edge zero-knowledge (ZK) technology to scale Ethereum to a billion people. This move marks a significant advancement for Nodle as it joins the Ethereum community, bringing its innovative Click camera app, the world’s first Digital Trust Network, to the blockchain.

The first initiative of Nodle’s DePIN launching on zkSync will be the deployment of Click, which will be able to process transactions off-chain without sacrificing security and decentralization, while significantly increasing throughput and reducing transaction costs. This is a crucial step in Nodle’s mission to leverage blockchain technology for media authentication and combat misinformation, leveraging the scalability and efficiency of zkSync.

Nodle’s launch on zkSync Era enables several key benefits, including scalability, security, interoperability, and accessibility. By processing transactions off-chain and bundling them into a single transaction, Nodle achieves significant scalability improvements, enabling high throughput and lower transaction fees for consumers and enterprises. Leveraging Ethereum’s robust security model, Nodle ensures the integrity and immutability of transactions while maintaining user privacy through advanced cryptographic techniques.

Additionally, Nodle’s EVM compatibility enhances interoperability across decentralized applications (dApps) and blockchain networks, enabling seamless asset transfer and data exchange between different platforms. Furthermore, zkSync makes Nodle’s network accessible to a broader audience of developers and users within the Ethereum ecosystem, DePIN, and beyond.

Furthering Nodle’s commitment to the Ethereum ecosystem, the company plans to build a ZK Stack hyperchain and natively integrate its ZK technology with zkSync in the coming months. As a hyperchain, Nodle’s DePIN ecosystem will be able to further increase its decentralization and maximize the benefits received from using the ZK technology available on zkSync.

Garrett Kinsman, Co-Founder of Nodle, expressed his excitement about the launch, stating,

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