Solveit.Earth’s Founder Unveils Unique Project to Explore Humanity’s Deepest Questions

In a groundbreaking move, Solveit.Earth’s founder, Fori (a.k.a. 4E), has unveiled his most unusual and secretive project to date: an experiment designed to face our humanity and uncover the keys to answering our greatest questions. The new website,, promises to take users on a journey through the fascinating hidden worlds of numbers, connective logic, belief, and possibility.

Fori, known for his award-winning and history-making achievements, has hinted at this unconventional method, dubbed ‘Help From Above,’ in a previous announcement. Now, the public can delve into this mind-bending exploration, guided by the insights of an unconventional genius.

Through clever use of graphics, thought-provoking questions, simple videos, and real-life experiments, promises to offer users an unparalleled and eye-opening experience. The site aims to reveal the beauty and simplicity of the Universe, how great minds of the past have left us clues to solve our future, and help users understand everything in a far simpler way than they ever thought possible. dares its visitors to ask themselves the toughest questions, stripping away the myths and misconceptions of the past to uncover the keys, insights, and real answers to the most interesting, controversial, and misunderstood subjects we face on planet Earth. As Fori states, ‘It’s an exploration of the fascinating, emotional, and scientifically eerie connections we face, with each other, our planet, and a surprising and unconventional force.’

Users are invited to take a chance and make a choice, to understand things in a way that will change how they look at themselves and the world, forever. The journey begins at


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