Arhasi’s Confidentiality Concierge Redefines AI Chatbot Security

Arhasi, a boutique startup leading in AI security, governance, and compliance, introduced today its groundbreaking Confidentiality Concierge service. Arhasi is offering two versions of this service: a free-to-use playground for democratized use, and a dedicated enterprise solution that provides an advanced, curated level of protection for an organization’s data. Confidentiality Concierge is designed to significantly enhance GenAI Security Posture Management for chatbots, AI agents, and collaborative platforms like Microsoft Teams, ensuring that they remain resilient against a wide array of threats (including LLM prompt injection, phishing, data exfiltration, and more).

Built on Arhasi’s robust R.A.P.I.D platform, Confidentiality Concierge extends comprehensive security protocols to Large Language Models (LLMs) used in generative AI applications. By adhering to stringent standards such as ATLAS MITRE, NIST AI, OWASP, and various ISO/IEC guidelines. Arhasi empowers organizations to uphold the highest levels of data protection—particularly sensitive information like PII and PHI—while maintaining operational efficiency.

In a world where traditional data security measures fall short, Arhasi delivers real-time protection and establishes strict guardrails to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches. As LLMs are increasingly fine-tuned with diverse corporate data, the need for reliable security mechanisms becomes critical. Arhasi’s solutions are engineered to thwart not only conventional threats but also sophisticated attacks such as LLM jailbreaks, model attacks, malicious code execution, unsecured credential exposure, LLM plugin compromise, adversarial data attacks, and topical attacks.

Arhasi’s Confidentiality Concierge is seamlessly compatible with leading cloud services and AI models, including Azure OpenAI Service, Google VertexAI, AWS Bedrock, and HPE Greenplum, and supports major LLMs like ChatGPT, Google Gemini, Mistral, and Titan. The service’s extensive integration capabilities include platforms such as ServiceNow, Active Directory, and Salesforce, providing a versatile and secure environment for all AI-driven operations.

Through partnerships with industry leaders like Cloudbench, Alteryx, GTS Technology Solutions, and HPE, Arhasi ensures that clients have continuous access to the advanced enterprise version of the Confidentiality Concierge and the R.A.P.I.D platform.

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