CoinW Unveils New Brand Identity, Targeting the Next 10 Million Users

Dubai’s ultra-luxury resort, Atlantis the Royal, known for hosting spectacular performances by global icons like Beyoncé, hosted CoinW’s rebranding ceremony on April 17, 2024. The event, attended by industrial movers and shakers such as Davinci Jeremie, Ran Neuner, and Sheldon Diedericks, marked the unveiling of CoinW’s new logo. The ceremony also celebrated industry leaders who have contributed significantly to the mass adoption of digital assets, particularly through Web3 education.

The new logo features a distinct ‘C’ shape, representing CoinW, but it’s more than just an abbreviation. The letter ‘C’ is ingeniously composed of trading candle charts, symbolizing CoinW’s presence as a world-leading exchange. Demonstrating their commitment to constant innovation, the top left corner of the logo is intentionally left blank, symbolizing the philosophy of limitless possibilities in finance and blockchain.

Originally conceived as CoinWin, signifying the empowerment of individuals’ wealth growth, CoinW has realized its initial vision over the past seven years. Their futures trading success has propelled them into the top 10 crypto exchanges by futures trading volume. However, reflecting on their journey since its establishment, CoinW’s visionaries aspire to create a world of financial freedom, benefiting not only trading gurus but every ordinary individual. Thus, the rebranding campaign aims to reaffirm this vision.

CoinW chose this moment for their rebranding because they perceive 2024 as a pivotal moment in blockchain history. Specifically, past abstract visions of the future have materialized, witnessing significant progress in artificial intelligence, blockchain, and decentralized finance. The integration between AI and crypto transcends mere technological advancements, marking a profound shift in human interaction with the digital realm. CoinW seeks to enable everyone to experience and embrace this transformation.

As part of the grand ceremony, awards were presented to industry KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), particularly those driving Web3 adoption across social media and communities. Awards such as Most Valuable Influencer (MVI) of the Year, Community Champion of the Year, Most Inspirational Crypto Voice, and Respected Leaders and Esteemed Audience were bestowed upon CoinW’s partners, including Davinci Jeremie and Ran Neuner.

The grand ceremony culminated in a mesmerizing performance by Lebanese pianist Guy Manoukian.

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