Haltom City Faces Business Decline and Population Loss Amid Calls for Revitalization

Haltom City, Texas is grappling with a concerning trend of business closures and population decline, particularly in its southern and central districts. According to recent reports, major retailers such as Sam’s Dollar Store and Big Lots have shuttered their operations, contributing to a vacancy rate that hovers around 30% in the city’s primary corridors.

Joe Palmer, Communications Director for Haltom United Business Alliance (HUBA), expressed concern over the city’s economic trajectory. While new businesses like Five and Below, WD’s Discount, and Wingstop are slated to replace some of the closed stores, Palmer notes that the overall vacancy rate appears to be rising, with most chain stores having exited the area.

The decline is not limited to the retail sector. A recent report indicates that Haltom City’s population has begun to decrease, a stark contrast to the growth experienced by other cities in Tarrant County and the broader Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, which sees an influx of approximately 1,000 new residents daily.

HUBA has been vocal in its calls for a comprehensive plan to revitalize the declining areas of Haltom City. The organization has submitted proposals for code improvements to encourage new business development, but city leadership has yet to present a concrete strategy for addressing the issues in the south and central parts of the city.

Palmer criticized the newly elected council members for their focus on improvements in the northern part of Haltom City while remaining silent on plans for the struggling areas. This approach, HUBA argues, fails to address the visible signs of decline, such as boarded-up businesses, which are apparent to both current residents and potential newcomers.

The situation in Haltom City mirrors challenges faced by many smaller, older cities across America, including increased crime rates and loss of businesses in central, older districts. HUBA is advocating for public hearings and the development of targeted plans to improve these declining areas.

To address these issues, HUBA suggests looking to successful urban renewal projects in other small cities. A <a href='https://www.google.com/search?q=urban+renewal+in+small+cities&newwindow=1&sca_esv=4d50ecf86976fd48&sca_upv=1&source=hp&ei=fFo6ZtiBNO-8kPIPveGAsA4&iflsig=AL9hbdgAAAAAZjpojDRb4rIiybbL_mOJdr2GUEFA70NI&ved=0ahUKEwjYr-65_vuFAxVvHkQIHb0wAOYQ4dUDCBc&uact=5&oq=urban+renewal+in+small+cities&gs_lp=Egdnd3Mtd2l6Ih11cmJhbiByZW5ld2FsIGluIHNtYWxsIGNpdGllczIFECEYoAEyBRAhGKABMgUQIRigATIFECEYoAEyBRAhGJIDMgUQIRiSAzIFECEYkgMyBRAhGJIDMgUQIRiSAzIFECEYnwVI0X9QAFiCbnAAeACQAQCYAccBoAH_FaoBBDIzLja4AQPIAQD4AQGYAh2gAvUXwgIOEAAYgAQYsQMYgwEYigXCAgsQABiABBixAxiDAcICERAuGIAE

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